Nano Material, Lead, Dense Material Boxes Needed to Protect Electronics


We need all Limo solutions, First Responders and Military to own book backups communication apparatus instantly readily stored in Nano Boses, Lead Boxes or perhaps a Box made from dense material that may protect them out of Em P Electro Magnetic Energy Pulse Weapons. In addition any time that a little handheld device like a notebook, cell phone, handy talkie, two way radio, and so on is not being used they too ought to be kept from the boxes. Aircraft hangers, which house brand new and hottest technology aircraft should be lined with these substances. People at home inside their houses should possess a safe, perhaps by having an inner lining of these stuff to park their own electronic equipment during the nighttime time. Back up hard disks for major banking institutions, government surgeries and emergency services, military operations needs to be saved in areas, which are underground and lined with all these substances.


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Electronic Attack, EA, will probably be considered a larger component of warfare in the future. Disrupting the enemy extends back as far as the notions of Sun Tzu in the Art of War and there’s nothing more disruptive within our present period than the usual comprehensive elimination of all electronic devices within our civilization. War planners today call it a significant component from the Fog of War, where your enemy doesn’t know what is going on. Increasing the uncertainty of events is part of war strategy also it’s no secret to anybody who studies the match of warfare. When communication lines are down and you can’t get damage assessment reports, you cannot make decisions relevant to keep on the fight, this induces hesitation and aides your own enemy. You can bet that the United States uses these approaches when we go to war and it’s possible to make sure as the new net centric kind of warfare continues to help our enemies find solace in EA.

Citizens who are interested in protecting their data or electronics ought to be able to obtain such items as these boxes in wal mart or even Home Depot for $24.95 to fit a couple of laptops and four-family cell phones. There is more and more conversation about a detonation apparatus launched high above our country or a lawsuit case pulse detonation EMP bomb has been deployed below a building in a huge city instantly frying whatever of you electronic equipment. Saving your private information is key. We will need to be more thinking here on ways to protect our electronics and protect them out of EMP. Think about it.